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HydroClean™ solution

The machine can be customized to propose proprietary or taior-made recipes, depending on the needs of users, the machine will propose one or several recipes.
Formulation of these recipes are fixed based on rigours R&D testing and analysis. This allows reaching different levels of cleaning, disinfection, degreasing power, etc.
The SNWI machine has been built to accommodate an array of 18 individual programs. A standard range of Four products has been installed by default in the machine:
a) Yellow Colour - Light Disinfection Spray for Rooms & Lobbies
b) Red Colour - Heavier Disinfection Spray for Blood & Toilets
c) Blue colour - Cleaning & Slightly Degreasing Spray for Glass & Windows
d) Green Colour - Disinfection & Degreasing Spray for Kitchen & Working Tables
However, the HydroCleaner machine can be customized to have the user's preferred choice of cleaning solutions with desired specifications


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HydroCleaner machine

Moreover, it is important to ensure that atleast four criteria are met:

  • Ease of use
  • Simple maintenance
  • Robustness of machine & safety during operation
  • On spot production of disinfectant liquids

We produced a machine that is able to dispense several recipes and enabling the user to choose the solution according to the anticipated usage.

The machine is to be installed on a stand. The dimensions in cm are 50 width x 65 depth x 100 height. Weigh is 40 kg empty and 90 kg when the machine is full with liquids & additives.

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Use of the Machine


The installation and operation of the machine is designed to be such that it is extremely user friendly. The operation can be done by any unskilled person as it merely involves very simple tasks that anyone performs in day to day activity. It simply involves placing of a bottle in the designated slot, pressing of the appropriate touch screen at the matching button and collecting the bottle when full. Thereafter one caps the bottle and uses its contents as desired.

In case a larger quantity is desired, there is external dispensing option into a tank of 50, 100 litres, as maybe desired. One can choose the tank option on the screen to start the bulk dispensing to cater all of your bulk requirements. The purpose of making the process simple is that the machine should be such that it can be operated by the housekeeping staff, who is going to use the cleaning solution in real time.

The operation of the machine once installed is simple and elementary. There are three switches involved which in normal circumstances would remain “switched on” at all times. These are the Main Switch supplying power to the machine, which would be located as per provision by the customer; the Net Entry Switch located on the top of the machine at the rear right end; and the Machine Operation Switch also located on the top of the machine but at the front right side. The liquid dispensing and bottle holding niche is at the front centre of the machine door above which is the display screen. The user has to select the screen which shows the “Recipes” available

Then select the desired disinfectant and press the screen on that selection. The screen will prompt the user to place the flask at the dispensing niche and then press START, wherein after the selected concoction will automatically fill the bottle to the calibrated quantity. The bottles provided with machine are specially designed, so as to permit easy placement and facilitate visual indication of the liquid once it is being filled.

The user can choose Tank option & connect to the external pipe of the machine to a tank and dispense the desired amount of solution into the tank. There are 4 pre-programmed recipes for tank dispense. The user can then collect disinfectant solution from the external tank and dispense solution into the cleaning cans or containers.