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Swiss NeWater

Swiss NeWater
The Technology of the Future is Here!!

SNW offers a Path Breaking Technology that promises to revise the way
the World shall look at cleanliness in an eco-friendly manner that is affordable for all.

Welcome to Swiss NeWater(SNW)

Swiss NeWater (SNW) is an international company with its Headquarters at Geneva, Switzerland under the aegis of Symbioswiss. It has been established with a purpose to introduce new technology that redefines define the cleaning mediums that are used by us in various walks of life, be it in the Hospital Industry, Hospitality, Commercial and Domestic spaces.

The Product offered by SNW

At present SNW offers a machine that can manufacture disinfectant in-house in an efficient and simple manner. The consumables are water, purified salt, some additives as per requirement along with electricity.The compact machine, weighing around 50 Kgs, occupies very little space. It is user friendly and can be operated even by unskilled personnel.

The technology and product offered by SNW is extremely affordable and its output productshave the advantage of being both a disinfectant and cleaning agent. To a large extent it can be customised as per the requirement of the user. This flexibility is afforded at the user end itself, who also retains the right to manufacture the quantity as per requirement. As the ingredients of the product are simply water and salt, the product itself is safe, non-hazardous and very environment friendly.


  1. The Hydro clean is a revolutionary concept and provides a simple and unique solution to making available disinfectants by manufacturing the same locally within one’s own complex without having to establish a manufacturing unit..
  2. The machine is compact like household refrigerator, consuming only water, pure salt, electricity and additives as required.
  3. Very limited skill is required to operate the machine.
  4. The machine is versatile and requisite disinfectant can be produced in quantity on an “As- Required’ basis each time within seconds, thereby eliminating wastage.
  5. The product is eco-friendly, very safe and convenient to use.
  6. The cost of the product works out to be a mere fraction of that of the existing equivalents in the market.

Science Behind The Process

The technology is based on the principle of electrolysis of water and minute control of the process so as to obtain the precise products of electrolysis as per requirement. The product is a result of the electrochemical reaction of water and salt, when a certainelectrical impulse is given through a unique state-of-the-art electrode. The chemical reaction is controlled through the machine software so as deliver the precise requirement.



The Hydroclean SNW machine has the capability of preparing up to 18 different pre-programmed concoctions for different disinfectants.

The versatility in its products gives it the capability to manufacture disinfectant for a wide range of applications by a single machine placed within an establishment. Its properties cover almost the entire scope within the regular daily usage of our lives.
These can be used for a range of purposes for surface cleaning at locations including….


Operation of Machine

The installation and operation of the machine is designed to be such that it is extremely user friendly. The operation can be done by any unskilled person as it merely involves very simple tasks that anyone performs in day to day activity. It simply involves placing of a bottle in the designated slot, pressing of the appropriate touch screen at the matching button and collecting the bottle when full. Thereafter one caps the bottle and uses its contents as desired.
In case a larger quantity is desired, the operation can be repeated as required.

Application of Product

At present, the products provide for Standard BtoBdisinfection andcleaningthat is commonly used across the following sectors:

  1. Hospitality (hotels, restaurants, cafeterias)
  2. Hospitals (rooms cleaning and disinfection)..


The Swiss Ministry of Health has tested and certified the powerful biocide.
It isvery effective on all sorts of micro-organisms, such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa,
E-Colis, Staphylococcus Aureus, etc. Simultaneously it is proven also to be safe for macro-organisms.
HydroClean cleans and disinfects the processed areas or objects withjust one application. The solution is very user-friendly. Its application is simple.

Our Proeducts are more effective than traditional products

Swiss NeWater (SNW) proposes,
an innovative and smart solution

Our product is specifically designed for the B2B cleaning and disinfection segment (with a focus on hospitals, hotels and cleaning companies). Those machines have received the CE certification.

100% focused on environment friendly products

OUR PRODUCTS BASED ON Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA) method.

This technology allows the direct production of oxidizers with high potential and achieves a better cumulative effect for disinfection and cleaning.

Let’s make things happen!

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