The Hydroclean SNW machine has the capability of preparing up to 18 different pre-programmed concoctions for different disinfectants.

The versatility in its products gives it the capability to manufacture disinfectant for a wide range of applications by a single machine placed within an establishment. Its properties cover almost the entire scope within the regular daily usage of our lives.

These can be used for a range of purposes for surface cleaning at locations including

  • Floors, slabs, walls etcin offices, hotels, hospitals, residential rooms etc.
  • Pantries, kitchens.
  • Washrooms, toilets, bathing areas of all locations.
  • Storerooms including those for Hazmat storage.
  • ICUs, OTs, Laboratories, etc.

As a disinfectant, one can consider utilising the same for cleaning of vegetables and other consumables that require disinfection prior to usage

The present machines have been pre-programmed to deliver six basic products, which can be enhanced as per the customer’s requirement. The existing programmes cater for the main usages in hospitals, hotels & restaurants. These programmes cover a range of applications,from medical disinfection to kitchen degreasing. More specific functionalities can beprogramed on demand, depending on the individual needs of each user.
A standard range of four/six solutions (depending on the model) installed at present in the machine by defaultis as under:

  1. Light disinfection / spray used for room surfaces (40 ppm).
  2. Heavier disinfection / spray used for toilets, washrooms, ICUs etc (150 ppm).
  3. Heavy disinfection / flask used for labs, OTs(500 – 1000 ppm).
  4. Glass and tabletop cleaning & slightly degreasing / spray (with PH 8.5).
  5. Disinfection & degreasing / spray 150 ppm (with PH 10.5).
  6. Heavy degreasing / high concentration for bulk cleaning operations (floor-cleaning through scrubber dryer machine).

Each customer may like to obtain a custom made requirement that suits the operational purpose in a functional and economically optimal manner which is then provided with due consultation.